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028215 Language in Use

Requisite(s): 028234c Professional Experience 5: Teacher as Researcher
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This subject focuses on the structures and conventions of the English language and how primary and secondary students learn about and learn to use language. It introduces the key elements and principles of English grammar in relation to relevant curriculum requirements and explores the structure and organisation of language at the sentence, paragraph and whole text level. It involves an investigation into how knowledge about language and texts develop students' capacities to read, write, listen and speak with confidence and precision, appropriate to purpose, audience and context. An exploration and contrast is undertaken of how written and spoken language differ, the relationship between meaning and grammar, and how language use varies in a range of social contexts. In applying these skills to the classroom, strategies to teach vocabulary items, grammatical structures and a range of speaking, oral and writing tasks to students is explored. This exploration is accompanied by examining relevant syllabus documents through a range of teaching/learning strategies which strengthen and extend students' skills in composing and comprehending spoken and written language. The role of assessment in the context of language learning at school is also investigated.

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Spring D session, City campus

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