University of Technology Sydney

91154 Ecology

6cp; 4.5hpw: 1.5hpw (lecture, online), 3hpw (practical class)
Requisite(s): 91107 The Biosphere OR 91123 Nature and Evolution


A scientific understanding of ecosystem structure and function is essential for conservation and management of biodiversity. In this subject, students learn how spatial and temporal variations in biotic and abiotic attributes of the environment determine variation in the structure and function of ecosystems across aquatic and terrestrial biomes. A broad cross-section of organisms ranging from plants and microbes to invertebrates and vertebrates is used to illustrate ecological patterns and processes. During field practicals in marine intertidal habitats and in woodland vegetation, and in follow-on laboratory practicals, students ask a series of ecological questions and collect and explore their own scientific evidence as part of a team to answer these questions. This subject is an important link to a range of third-year subjects that require both a deep understanding of ecological concepts as well as the ability to apply ecological knowledge to manage and remediate environmental problems.

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Autumn session, City campus

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