University of Technology Sydney

CBK92159 Electives

Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
420102  Building Enterprise Agility 6cp 
240753  Customer Analytics 6cp 
570100  Data Ethics and Regulation 6cp 
320146  Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics 6cp 
240715  Data-Driven Marketing 6cp 
014222  Designing Innovative Learning 6cp 
240710  Digital Consumer Behaviour 6cp 
240729  Digital Marketing Today 6cp 
420103  Digital Strategy: Aligning Business and Technology 6cp 
240725  Emerging Technologies and Marketing 6cp 
014227  Evaluating Learning and Innovation 6cp 
230708  Foundation Studio 6cp 
090011  Foundations in Public Health 3cp 
090013  Fundamentals of Epidemiology 6cp 
96332  Fundamentals of Health Information Management 6cp 
090015  Global Health Systems 3cp 
090016  Health Promotion 6cp 
090017  Indigenous Public Health 3cp 
96327  Leading Health and Social Care 6cp 
014226  Leading Innovative Practices 6cp 
014225  Leading Learning 6cp 
420100  Leading Organisational Change 6cp 
240742  Managing Digital Offerings and Innovation 6cp 
96340  Managing for Value-Based Care 6cp 
014126  Mentoring in the Workplace 6cp 
240730  Omnichannel Marketing Strategy 6cp 
090019  Planetary Health 3cp 
96331  Planning for Health and Social Services 6cp 
014162  Strategic Learning in Workplaces 6cp 
420101  Technology and Innovation Management 6cp 
Total  6cp