University of Technology Sydney

STM90694 No specified major (Life and Environmental Sciences)

The flexibility of this major gives students the opportunity to choose study areas in line with their interests, abilities and career aspirations. Flexibility can be important to students who are uncertain of their career path, students who have not yet decided which area they wish to specialise in, or students who have decided to undertake a general science degree with a cross-disciplinary mix of studies.

Choosing to not specify a major gives students the opportunity to experience and confirm their interests and expectations, and assists them to tease out the study area they are interested in. It also enables students to focus on their career choice according to their interests while keeping their options open.

In addition, students can choose this major for their first year of study. Then, once they have experienced a range of science disciplines in the first year, they can go on to choose a major at the end of their first year.

The majors on offer are: biotechnology, biomedical science, environmental sciences, and medical science.

Students can also decide against choosing a major but choose a range of second- and third-year subjects to match their interests and aspirations, leading to a Bachelor of Science award without a specified major. Students can also include sub-majors in other course areas such as business, law, information technology, communication.

Completion requirements

CBK90598  Level 2 subject choice (Life and Environmental Sciences)  36cp
CBK90599  Level 3 subject choice (Life and Environmental Sciences)  36cp
CBK90801  Sub-major/Electives choice  24cp
Total  96cp