University of Technology Sydney

91827 Advanced Medical Biochemistry

6cp; 2hpw x 11wks (lectures, online), 3hpw x 3wks (journal club), 3hpw x 5 wks (practical)
Requisite(s): 91320 Metabolic Biochemistry
Anti-requisite(s): 91179 Biochemical Basis of Disease AND 91193 Advanced Medical Biochemistry AND 91326 Analytical Biochemistry


This subject is designed to introduce the basic concepts of medical and clinical biochemistry relevant to biotechnology, (bio-)medical research, and analysis of patient samples in a pathology laboratory. While undertaking this subject, students examine the basic biochemical abnormalities that lead to various disease states, their diagnosis, clinical analysis and final treatment. The areas covered include: abnormal kidney and liver function, biochemistry of haemoglobin pigments and their relation to disease, abnormalities of carbohydrate metabolism such as diabetes, lipid abnormalities, clinical enzymology and serum proteins in health and disease.There is emphasis given to safety, quality control and automation.

The subject provides students with an insight into clinical biochemistry and its importance to human health, both in research and diagnosis, as well as quality requirements that ensure accurate and relevant test results. Students who are interested in a future career in diagnostic pathology, clinical research, or laboratory management may benefit from taking this subject.

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