University of Technology Sydney

91500 Histology

6cp; 5hpw
Requisite(s): (91400 Human Anatomy and Physiology AND (65212 Chemistry 2 OR 65213 Chemistry 2 (Advanced)))


This subject teaches the micro-architecture of the human organs and tissues adding to the knowledge base established in the subject Anatomy and Physiology by both showing and describing mammalian tissue structure of all major systems of the human body at the light and electron microscopic levels. Students also learn about tissue fixation and processing for embedding into paraffin blocks for sectioning. They study the theory and practice of basic routine histological staining techniques, which assist and enhance different cellular components on cut tissue sections. These techniques along with microscopy skills and recognition of normal tissue histology comprise the practical component of this subject. The learning environment is practice-orientated and students are given ample opportunity to develop their skills before assessment.

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Autumn session, City campus

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