University of Technology Sydney

91826 Advanced Haematology and Pathology Diagnosis

6cp; 2hpw, Online lecture/self-paced learning; 2hpw, Face-to-face and online practicals
Requisite(s): 91500 Histology AND 91563 Haematology
Anti-requisite(s): 91177 Haematological Diagnostics AND 91192 Advanced Haematology and Pathology Diagnosis AND 91402 Anatomical Pathology


Advancing techniques in the detection of diseases affecting haematological or organ systems are leading to improved health outcomes for society. In this subject, students learn about the pathophysiology of these diseases and develop a capacity to diagnose by differentiating between normal and diseased tissue. Students apply leading industry practices including high-level analysis of tissues and cells using a variety of microscopy approaches. Learning in this subject encompasses advanced haematology and advanced anatomical pathology using state-of-the-art digital image analysis to produce accurate and fast diagnostic results. Students acquire valuable professional digital skills that can be applied to the wider sector. Students engage with and learn from experts in the field through interactive workshops and online learning. In addition, students gain advanced digital skills, and demonstrate diagnostic skills in line with modern laboratory practices and professional skills needed for the workforce, such as time management and communication.

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