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91320 Metabolic Biochemistry

6cp; Autumn: 11 x 1.5h online lectures, 8 x 3h practicals. Summer: 5 x 3h online lectures, 8 x 3h practicals, 2 x 1h online tutorials.
Requisite(s): (91161 Cell Biology and Genetics AND (65212 Chemistry 2 OR 65213 Chemistry 2 (Advanced)))


This subject introduces students to cellular metabolism and energy transfer mechanisms. It provides an overview of the main carbohydrate catabolic and anabolic pathways including glycolysis, Krebs cycle and oxidative phosphorylation, gluconeogenesis and glycogen metabolism. It provides an understanding of nitrogen and fatty acid metabolism, and the metabolic specialisation of tissues and the relationships between tissues. Cell signalling and the role of signals/hormones in maintaining homeostasis is also explored.

This understanding of cell function provides a foundation for many subjects in biological and biomedical sciences. Emphasis is placed on mastering and understanding the principles of cellular reactions and their application to diverse cell types. The subject also introduces the basic tools and methods of biochemical experimentation, the application of biochemical reasoning, and the presentation of results in the written format.

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Autumn session, City campus


This subject was formerly called Biochemistry 2.

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