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91829 Microbiology Diagnosis

6cp; 9hpw x 4wks (laboratory); 2hpw x 5wks (face-to-face; workshops); 1hpw x 5wks (online, workshops)
Requisite(s): 91314 General Microbiology
Anti-requisite(s): 91196 Microbiology Diagnosis AND 91338 Clinical Bacteriology


Pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and parasites cause debilitating and potentially lethal diseases. It is therefore critical to accurately and rapidly identify their causative agent and determine the best treatment to prevent any serious outcomes and to also reduce the spread of infections in society. The aim of Microbiology Diagnosis is to provide a limited but accurate diagnostic laboratory experience for undergraduate students. During the course of Microbiology Diagnosis, students acquire skills and expertise in the application of the very latest diagnostic technologies and approaches to infections. Students apply their knowledge in a range of infectious diseases to not only identify the infectious agent but also evaluate the most appropriate anti-microbial treatment.

This subject explores and develops the skills to critically analyse and interpret results from real life case studies. Students learn through interactive workshops and practicals with hands-on classes in the HIVE Superlab. Professional skills relevant to a range of careers include a focus on quality assurance, laboratory safety and good laboratory practice in the infectious disease setting. Students in Microbiology Diagnosis learn key skills in both practical and diagnostic interpretive and critical analyses, which are highly relevant to real world diagnostic laboratory settings and infectious disease research environments.

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