University of Technology Sydney

SMJ08205 Strategic Marketing

This sub-major develops competencies that allow decision makers (such as marketing managers and business unit managers as well as general managers and chief executives) to develop, implement and evaluate marketing-oriented strategies that allow companies to compete successfully in environments in which they make decisions about business models that are affected by business-to-business, international and services contexts.

Completion requirements

24761  Data-Driven Insights  6cp
24730  Marketing Strategy and Leadership  6cp
Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
24772  Applied Research and Insights 6cp 
24752  Brand Management 6cp 
24753  Customer Analytics 6cp 
24706  Customer Centric Services Marketing 6cp 
24729  Digital Marketing and Emerging Technologies 6cp 
24769  Innovation and Creativity in Marketing 6cp 
24738  International and Cross-Cultural Marketing 6cp 
24736  Marketing Communications 6cp 
24762  Marketing for Social Good 6cp 
24763  Omnichannel Marketing 6cp 
24760  Pricing and Revenue Management 6cp 
Total  24cp