University of Technology Sydney

MAJ01105 Medical Science

This major focuses on human anatomy and physiology, and provides students with knowledge of the structure, function and control of the body system as well as the aetiology and pathophysiology of disease. It combines a solid grounding in key medical sciences with flexible options for specialisation.

Core study areas include anatomy and physiology, human cell biology, human pathophysiology, medical devices and diagnostics, metabolic biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience and pharmacology.

Students obtain a solid background in the medical sciences and practical experimentation. The major also provides the foundation knowledge and skills for students who wish to go on to postgraduate programs such as medicine, biomedical engineering, nutrition and dietetics, complementary medicine, public health and health administration.

Completion requirements

91320  Metabolic Biochemistry  6cp
91314  General Microbiology  6cp
91132  Molecular Biology 1  6cp
91707  Pharmacology 1  6cp
91706  Neuroscience  6cp
91703  Physiological Systems  6cp
91705  Medical Devices and Diagnostics  6cp
91709  Pharmacology 2  6cp
91708  Medical and Applied Physiology  6cp
91239  Human Pathophysiology  6cp
CBK90232  Electives (Science UG)  24cp
Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
91330  Epidemiology and Public Health Microbiology 6cp 
91563  Haematology 1 6cp 
91500  Histology 6cp 
91148  Human Genetics and Precision Medicine 6cp 
91401  Immunology 1 6cp 
91403  Medical Imaging 6cp 
Total  96cp