University of Technology Sydney

91822 Human Genetics and Precision Medicine

6cp; 2hpw lecture, 4 x 2hrs workshops, 2 practical classes
Requisite(s): 91161 Cell Biology and Genetics
Anti-requisite(s): 91148 Human Genetics and Precision Medicine


The transmission of traits from one generation to the next (heredity) underpins all biological fields including molecular biology, physiology, and evolutionary biology. Developments in the field of genetics and genomics (the study of heredity and hereditary variation) are revolutionising medicine. They also raise many ethical questions regarding our recent ability to manipulate DNA, the genetic material.

This subject provides students with an introduction to human genetics from the research laboratory to the clinic, including the way in which an individual's genetic information can be in the field of precision medicine. The content includes the basic tenets of Mendelian and molecular genetics, the technologies and applications of molecular diagnostics and gene therapy, and both the practical and ethical consequences of precision medicine.

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