University of Technology Sydney

CBK90795 Electives

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
11319  Masters Architectural Design Pre-thesis 6cp 
11394  Photography in Architecture PG 6cp 
11378  Special Project (Advanced Computational Design) 6cp 
11379  Special Project (Advanced Digital Fabrication) 6cp 
11363  Special Project (Communications) 6cp 
11368  Special Project (Computational Design) 6cp 
11374  Special Project (Design 2) 6cp 
11375  Special Project (Design Build) 6cp 
11364  Special Project (Design) 6cp 
11369  Special Project (Digital Fabrication) 6cp 
11370  Special Project (Environmental Studies) 6cp 
11366  Special Project (History) 6cp 
11376  Special Project (Live Project 1) 6cp 
11377  Special Project (Live Project 2) 6cp 
11365  Special Project (Offshore) 6cp 
11360  Special Project (PG) 6cp 
11362  Special Project (Technology) 6cp 
11371  Special Project (Theory 2) 6cp 
11361  Special Project (Theory) 6cp 
11367  Special Project (Urban) 6cp 
Total  24cp