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11362 Special Project (Technology)

6cp; attendance is by agreement between student and supervisor (individual project); via separate document (elective)
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This subject is offered as an elective in the Master of Architecture (C04235). It falls under the special project series of electives which are directed toward content specificity. Content delivered under this special project is defined by the student due to its self-directed nature. Depending on the type of content and supervising academic, each special project has the ability to be run over a full session, as an intensive block-mode or approved self-direct individual study plan. This flexible learning approach enables students to examine a defined area of study in greater detail and develop increased knowledge, expertise and skills that support specific academic and career development.

Enrolment in this subject is contingent on the nature of the project being delivered.

  • Individual projects are granted in negotiation with the supervising academic and require the approval of the course director. Students must demonstrate that they have a viable project, effective study plan and appropriate academic supervision.
  • Participation in group and intensive block-mode studios is capped at 12 students unless otherwise approved by the coordinating academic.
  • Participation in global or travelling programs is by invitation only following successful attendance of candidates at formal briefing sessions.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus
Summer session, City campus

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