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11520 Spatial Research




This subject aims to extend students' ability to analyse and understand the nature of space, and to develop forms of critical spatial research through the discipline of architecture and urbanism. Information sources from a broad range of fields are read through a range of specific architectural or urban agendas. The subject emphasises the importance of information retrieval, analysis and intellectual engagement with a range of issues pertaining to our understanding of space, and of understanding the nature of research and developing skills in the formulation of research questions that yield forms of spatial knowledge. The subject gives a coherent and directed introduction to the issue of space, and, via its research essay, aims to address the social, cultural, political, intellectual, and contextual issues relating space and an advanced spatial understanding to the contemporary metropolis as a field in which advanced architecture graduate designers are engaged. It also sets out to interrogate the relationship between the capacities of the discipline and the broader environment in which its skills are deployed. In so doing it introduces and develops techniques by which information about and interpretation of cities might be found and critically analysed such that the city is revealed in relation to a range of spatial issues.

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Autumn session, City campus

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