University of Technology Sydney

80118 Robotic 3D Printing for Architectural and Structural Performance



This course investigates the use of 3d printing to structurally reinforce architectural elements, in which the applications of digital modelling, structural analysis and robotic fabrication are utilised for the exploration of complex geometries.

The geometries of load distribution paths are often far more complex, non-uniform and compelling than the structural elements themselves.? This course focusses on the use of analysis software to determine the stress?lines for a given load-case or combination of load cases and the possible design responses to this information.???

As a student of this course, students design reinforcement patterns that are robotically 3D-printed onto planar elements in order to test the structural performance of the composite element.? This process is repeated throughout the course?to generate?a field of design outcomes and a first principles understanding of the concepts explored.??

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