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11364 Building Anatomies

6cp; 3hrs per week - Seminar / workshop / tutorial format (on campus)
Requisite(s): 144 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10413 Bachelor of Design Architecture Master of Architecture
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We can transform Sydney to run on resources that will never run out - and benefit both socially and economically from the transition. A New Normal facilitates the modelling and prototyping of an actionable strategy to transform our cities energy, water, waste and food production systems to function self sufficiently within a 10 year period. Following on from the launch at Design Week Melbourne in 2021 - A New Normal is set to transform Sydney in 2024. In this elective, groups of 3 students work together with the team at finding infinity ( to help write a book to accelerate Greater Sydney’s transition. This book will be launched at Vivid Festival 2024 with an art installation / architectural exhibition involving some of Sydney’s best architects. Each group collaboratively works on 1 of the 12 chapters including: researching global case studies, writing, creating infographics, and more. Collectively students help transform Sydney into a city that never runs out!

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