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11366 Elective Heritage

Requisite(s): 144 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10413 Bachelor of Design Architecture Master of Architecture
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This elective seeks to critique the building conservation movement and provide an alternative framework for re-using, re-working and re-making buildings and landscapes. It looks at the concept of elective heritage. Elective heritage is an approach to re-use buildings that are not protected from demolition through heritage controls. It seeks the opportunities to treat buildings with respect that don’t have to be, and what possibilities are created when they are free of onerous controls. This type of re-use is a method for sustainability through retention, interim use and adaptive re-use. The elective seeks to develop a stronger academic framework for the voluntary re-use of buildings – most existing material is focused on the re-use of heritage protected buildings. The elective operates within this gap. The elective seeks to answer these through research into national and international precedents. Presentations of projects from leading practitioners will help frame the inquiry. Tasks include a short clearly written article on a significant recent elective heritage project, and a detailed set of phased drawings of case study projects for display and exhibition.

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