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80117 Real-time Visualisation for Architectural Design



Stundets explore and represent architectural and spatial design from both?cinematic?and?human?perspectives?via contemporary visualisation software, Unreal Engine 4.?

Real-time visualisation is an emerging tool in architectural practice. Through the use of software like Unreal Engine 4, architects can produce project?flythroughs, rendering, interactive apps and VR experiences to support design and its communication.?Real-time visualisation?affords minimal setup, reducing the time and cost associated with the use of dedicated 3D visualisers. Importantly,?it?enables architectural experimentation throughout the design process, from concept development through to construction.??

Student of this course learn the fundamentals of Unreal Engine 4, using the software to leverage existing digital models to produce visualisations alongside design changes.?

They also?create their own 3D model and use it to study?the effects of?lighting and materials,?cinematic?cameras and movement through space, and interaction as they relate to architectural?real time visualisation.?

By completing?this course, participants? are eligible to participate in the course ‘Advanced Virtual Reality for Architectural Design'.

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