University of Technology Sydney

STM91203 Core subjects (Interior Architecture)

86004  Design Studio: Foundations in Interior Architecture  12cp
86005  Design Studio: Inhabitations  12cp
86008  Communication and Construction: Representation  6cp
86009  Communication and Construction: Generative Methods  6cp
86529  Design Studio: Scenographic Spaces  12cp
86113  Communication and Construction: Technologies  6cp
86114  Communication and Construction: Material Futures  6cp
86221  Communication and Construction: Interior Technologies  6cp
86222  Communication and Construction: Synthesis  6cp
86223  Design Studio: Interior Architecture Major Project  12cp
86006  History and Theory 1  6cp
86007  History and Theory 2  6cp
86530  Design Studio: Knowledge Spaces  12cp
86533  Design Studio: Spatial Agency  12cp
Total  120cp