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86009 Communication and Construction: Generative Methods

6cp; 1hpw (interactive lecture), 3hpw (studio, Wednesdays), weekly, on campus
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86008 Context: Representation

It is expected that students have basic skills in spatial surveying, 2D drawing and 3D modelling.

Core subject: context


This subject is the second in a series of spatial representation subjects and a first introduction to construction technologies.

In the previous Context session, students explored basic concepts of spatial representation through a process of surveying and depicting spaces using the following techniques: surveying, measuring up and sketching; various forms of orthographic projection including: plan, section, elevation and axonometric; post-production of drawings; composition of spatial narratives; exploration of reproduction formats and exhibition management.

During this session, students continue learning and consolidating these techniques and learning others while starting to unpack the complexity of construction and its representation. The depicted spaces are of a larger scale and complexity than in the previous session. Students also consolidate the understanding of spatial entities and relations between space, objects and actors. Programmatic and organisational aspects, combined with technical requirements are explored and analysed.

While more advanced representation techniques are added to previously acquired knowledge, the representation is utilised as a vehicle to introduce students to the understanding of the building as a complex system of interrelated constructed entities that operate together to assure stability and functionality.

The selected buildings are paradigmatic public interiors from Sydney, and are also understood and analysed as cultural constructs of their time, that have evolved and adapted to end up becoming part of the history and the cultural imaginary of the city.

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