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86529 Design Studio: Performative Spaces


7hpw (1hr: interactive lecture, 2hrs: history and theory tutorial, 4hrs: studio)
Requisite(s): 86005 Design Studio: Inhabitations AND 86004 Design Studio: Foundations in Interior Architecture
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In this studio, students design a full theatre set based on their contemporary interpretation of William Shakespeare's play "Hamlet". Students learn to translate the play's dramatic action into a contemporary setting for audience viewing. Throughout the session, students move through the typical iterative design process a professional scenographer undertakes to develop a concept, an aesthetic language and a final resolved scenography. Deliverables include: sketches, drawings, models, visual storyboards and technical plans. The site is Bay 20 in Carriageworks ,Eveleigh, Sydney. A site visit will be arranged if feasible.

Students learn to design atmosphere and to design in time as well as perform historical and contemporary interior architecture detail research. Students learn the importance of the physical and digital model as a tool for experimentation, iteration and representation in the common history of architecture and theatre. Students gain a broad understanding of historical and current scenographic practice as well as a specific and detailed knowledge of the scenographic language and techniques currently employed by major players in the field. Finally, students experiment with and develop their individual and creative scenographic language in concept and representation.

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