University of Technology Sydney

86004 Design Studio: Foundations in Interior Architecture


1hpw (interactive lecture), 2hpw (tutorial), 4hpw (studio), on campus and online
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This subject introduces students to the foundational principles, theories and methods of interior architecture (IA). Students build on the foundational skills and knowledge that are applied throughout their degree and future professional career.

Students develop a detailed understanding of interior design and theories of space through experience with materials, model-making, ergonomics and human factors. Students are also introduced to the core IA principles of performative space and urban interior, and gain experience with design methods, presentation and critique procedures through the development of a design project.

The design studios constitute the core vehicle for student learning and development throughout the IA program. The studios combine design tutorials, lectures, workshops, presentations and critical feedback. Students in this studio develop formal and informal experimental methods, and through rigorous, iterative practices engage in the realisation and presentation of design concepts. The design process evolves through the introduction of ideas, events, programs and spatial organisation. With related readings and theory providing context, students develop and present a design response to an interior, a site and a series of contemporary issues in the built environment.

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