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86222 Communication and Construction: Synthesis

6cp; Lecture 1hr/w (Thurs 9-10am), Tutorial 3h/w (Thurs 10am–1pm)
Requisite(s): 86221 Communication and Construction: Interior Technologies
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Core subject: Communication and Construction


This subject is the final in a series of skill-based, communication and construction documentation subjects. It closes and consolidates three years of learning in technical, graphic and construction representation techniques through interior architecture practice.

The subject explores communication and construction through orthographic drawings and construction practices. This subject continues to interrogate these modes of production through the development of a drawing package suitable for submitting a development application and tendering a small residential architecture project. The drawing package is of industry standard consisting of a numbered drawing index and corresponding drawings of suitable scale and complexity for a builder to price. Skills developed in this subject include observation and the production of measured drawings, the development of integrated and cross-referenced architectural drawings including plans, elevations, lighting, kitchen layouts, shadow diagrams and materials + equipment schedules.

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