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86114 Communication and Construction: Material Futures

6cp; 4hpw (1hr interactive lecture sessions, 3hrs studio sessions)
Requisite(s): 86009 Communication and Construction: Generative Methods
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Active participation in Orientation weeks activities is highly recommended, as it is when students are inducted in software management and model making workshops.


This subject is designed to equip students with principles and fundamental skills for the communication of spatial interiors and an understanding of how structural and material decisions influence built outcomes. It provides a learning experience for students to explore connections between materiality and sustainable practices through a defined project brief and develops skills commonly used in practice.

Students learn how to represent construction materials, building components, interior linings and finishes and the connection between them in orthographic drawings and physical models. The studio and workshop tasks develop an ability to produce technically proficient details of assembly, by testing construction strategies that respond to a set of environmental, social and material conditions.

The subject frames a series of research-based inquiries to build an awareness of strategic decision making and structural performance that can be adapted to project briefs of various scales and functions. Through an informed understanding of the elements that form built places, students develop skills as critical and ethical design thinkers and an ability to deliver quality design outcomes.

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