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86114 Communication and Construction: Material Futures

6cp; 1hpw (Thurs, 9-10am, lecture), 3hpw (Thurs, 10:30am–1:30pm, tutorial )
Requisite(s): 86009 Communication and Construction: Generative Methods AND 86008 Communication and Construction: Representation
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Active participation in Orientation weeks activities is highly recommended, as it is when students are inducted in software management and model making workshops.

Core subject: Communication and Construction


This subject builds on the previous two semesters of learning in the Interior Architecture degree. It is one of the key skill-based communication and construction subjects in the Interior Architecture curriculum. 86114 Communication and Construction: Material Futures is a milestone in bolstering learning in technical, graphic and construction representation techniques and developing an understanding of materials, structure, digital fabrication, and modes of assembly and representation.

Students are required to first dissect an existing object through a series of 3D drawing exercises. The outcome of this study is to explore the object's material, structural, and organisational systems and its relationship to human interactions. Building on the understanding of the existing object, students are to design a performative installation that spatialises an interior condition. Students explore and re-interpret the human-to-object to a human-to-space relationship of their designated object through reimagining the object's material future.

Centred on recursive feedback between making, testing, drawing and fabrication, the outcome of the subject is a rigorous engagement with materials paired with fabrication, assembly and representation techniques. Skills developed in this subject include detailed 3D modelling to assist in the production of measured drawings, material exploration and methods of digital/analogue fabrication and assembly, prototyping, finishing and an engagement with experimental modes of representation.

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