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86533 Design Studio: Spatial Agency

12cp; 1hpw (Tuesday lecture), 3hpw (Tuesday seminar), 3hpw (Friday studio)
Requisite(s): ((86530 Design Studio: Hybrid Typologies OR 86112 Design Studio: Experimentations) AND 86529 Design Studio: Performative Spaces AND 86005 Design Studio: Inhabitations AND 86004 Design Studio: Foundations in Interior Architecture)
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Recommended studies:

86530 Design Studio: Performative Spaces 1; active participation in 0-week activities.

Core subject: Studio


This final-year subject consolidates studio practices gained in an undergraduate degree in interior and spatial design. Students take part in a design project, learning professional practice skills in documentation, communication and construction. The studio focuses on the student's ability to generate design propositions across a diverse range of design scenarios and negotiate final propositions with multiple stakeholders.

The design studios constitute the core of teaching and learning throughout the Interior and Spatial Design program. Students build an understanding of spatial intelligence and innovate environments through thoughtful and rigorous individual design processes. Projects have common objectives and framing in the studios, with students working alongside studio leaders on specific approaches and design thinking. The studio is designed to ensure a base level of practice-based competencies for students in their final compulsory year of study, with a focus on spatial planning, orthographic drawing, model making, and construction.

Studios involve a combination of interactive lectures, tutorials, workshops and intensive studios, which incorporate presentations with feedback. Students are asked to reflect on the reality of practice, by working both individually and in groups, and demonstrate a level of professionalism, initiative and commitment throughout the subject.

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