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86008 Communication and Construction: Representation

6cp; 1hpw (interative lecture), 3hpw (studio, Wednesdays), weekly, on campus
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This subject is a comprehensive introduction to spatial and architectural representation. It is divided into two main exercises intended to familiarise students with 2D and 3D languages of representation. Graphic standards will be organically explained and historically contextualised through interactive lecture sessions.

Students learn by practice and refinement the principles of orthographic, axonometric and oblique projections, perspective, scales of representation, composition, hierarchies and narrative construction. Students examine these principles by actively deploying processes that combine analogue and digital techniques.

During the first exercise, students will engage with well-known spaces to understand the inherent relations between space (as a physical entity) and its representation at multiple scales. Through a process of survey and depiction, students will translate real spaces into drawings and models.

During the second exercise, students will explore a variety of analogue and digital tools to incorporate material and immaterial aspects to the representation of spaces. As a result of this exercise, the drawings become part of a broader communication assemblage that incorporates narrative and discourse. Students will finally curate the produced work to set-up a performative exhibition.

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