University of Technology Sydney

MAJ08046 Extended Management

This major provides specialised study in management, developing outstanding students who wish to extend their understanding of management and engage with the subject matter in more depth. It develops students' ability to engage with practical problems through different theoretical approaches to organisation and management and provides them with critical tools needed to understand management and organisation research and theorising. Students can focus on specific topics to advance their understanding of and ability to solve complex problems, and is a strong preparation for further research in management.

21595 International Management Field Study involves overseas travel and related expenses (see the subject coordinator for further details).

Anti-requisites: MAJ08438 Management, MAJ08442 International Business, SMJ08109 Management Consulting, SMJ08130 Management

Completion requirements

21440  Management Skills  6cp
21227  Innovation and Entrepreneurship  6cp
21510  Introduction to Strategy  6cp
21511  Global Operations and Supply Chain Management  6cp
21512  Understanding Organisations: Theory and Practice  6cp
21513  Business Ethics and Sustainability  6cp
21504  Management Capstone  6cp
21228  Management Consulting  6cp
Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
21999  Business Internship 6cp 
21643  Innovation Lab 6cp 
21595  International Management Field Study 6cp 
21555  Introduction to Human Resource Management 6cp 
21591  Transnational Management 6cp 
Total  72cp