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21504 Management Capstone

Requisite(s): 21440 Management Skills AND 2 Subjects from 21510, 21511, 21591, 21227, 21228, 21595, 21602, 21555 AND 21512 Understanding Organisations: Theory and Practice
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This subject consolidates the knowledge learned in the management major by critically and creatively applying theoretical approaches to real-life management problems. Students integrate and apply knowledge and skills developed before and during their final year of undergraduate study. Students analyse business cases and apply problem-solving skills to challenging problems. The subject highlights an understanding of management problems as rising from both external and internal challenges to the organisation. It emphasises appreciation of power and influence, and provides students with first-hand experience of working with and influencing others to effect change. Students undertake research in a team setting and have the chance to reflect on their own and others' impact on team process.

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