University of Technology Sydney

CBK91912 Primary Education electives

Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
013992  Aboriginal Sydney Now 6cp 
59720  Academic English: Communication Fundamentals 6cp 
36200  Arguments, Evidence and Intuition 6cp 
024421  Creative Arts 4: Drama 6cp 
59355  Developing Academic Writing and Speaking Skills 6cp 
028215  English Education: Language in Use 6cp 
010140  Exchange Elective 1 (Education) 6cp 
010141  Exchange Elective 2 (Education) 6cp 
010142  Exchange Elective 3 (Education) 6cp 
010143  Exchange Elective 4 (Education) 6cp 
021702  ICT in School Education: Current Issues and Applications 6cp 
023821  Inclusive Education: Behaviour 6cp 
028216  Languages Education 6cp 
024705  Multimodal Texts: Comprehending and Creating 6cp 
026412  Music Moves 6cp 
028289  Numeracy for Lifelong and Lifewide Learning 6cp 
028992  Shaping Meaningful Worlds: Language Texts and Context 6cp 
013219  Studio Practice: Ceramics 6cp 
013218  Studio Practice: Painting 6cp 
022603  Teaching Across the Curriculum 6cp 
Total  12cp