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013218 Studio Practice: Painting

6cp; availability: exchange and study abroad students with faculty approval
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Framed within the requirements of the NSW Visual Art Syllabus, Studio Practice Painting enables the development of a strong creative practice as painter, educator and thinker. This practice-based subject focuses on the human figure, and human relationships with the natural world. The subject examines contemporary painting practice, contexts and theories, providing studio experience in traditional and current methods, design theories, the material behaviour of different pigments, media and modes of representation. Through these processes, students engage with the diverse meanings and possibilities of visual representation through painting. The role and relevance of the painter in the post-medium context is examined in a discourse regarding aesthetics, education, creativity and critical theory. Additionally, As a long-established social and cultural practice, painting contributes not only to professional knowledge but is a means to attaining wellness and self-care within professional and personal life.

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