University of Technology Sydney

CBK91878 Electives

Selection of below electives is subject to timetable availability and prerequisites.

Completion requirements

Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
88011  Analogue Photography 6cp 
85840  Biodesign 6cp 
88316  Furniture Context and Language 6cp 
88416  Furniture Production and Materials 6cp 
88990  Generative Design Principles 6cp 
88017  Global Internship A 6cp 
88018  Global Internship B 6cp 
88015  Global Studio A 6cp 
88016  Global Studio B 6cp 
88837  Global Studio Fashion and Textiles: International Perspectives 6cp 
88831  Global Studio: Fashion and Textiles A 6cp 
88832  Global Studio: Fashion and Textiles B 6cp 
80043  Global Studio: Photography and Situated Media A 6cp 
88841  Global Studio: Product Design A 6cp 
88842  Global Studio: Product Design B 6cp 
84000  Industrial Design Special Project 6cp 
88805  Introduction to Photography 6cp 
88801  Introduction to Photography for Design and Architecture 6cp 
83122  Machine-knitted Textiles 6cp 
88000  Object and Accessory Design 1: Foundations 6cp 
88002  Object and Accessory Design 2: The Cast Object 6cp 
88019  On Country Studio A 6cp 
88020  On Country Studio B 6cp 
80084  Photography and Fashion 6cp 
80083  Photography and Memory 6cp 
80035  Photography and the Body 6cp 
80082  Photography and the Object 6cp 
88006  Textiles: Dye Methods 6cp 
88005  Textiles: Installation 6cp 
88004  Textiles: Print 6cp 
88007  Textiles: Surface Form 6cp 
85001  The Bio Kitchen 6cp 
88014  The Photobook 6cp 
87549  VC Designing Interactions 1: Introduction to Creative Code 6cp 
87849  VC Designing Interactions: Emerging and Speculative Technologies 6cp 
87749  VC Designing Interactions: User Experience Design 6cp 
87649  VC Designing Interactions: Visualising Information 6cp 
87539  VC Designing Interactions: Webmedia 6cp 
88304  VC Illustration 1: Media and Techniques 6cp 
88504  VC Illustration: Editorial Illustration 6cp 
88404  VC Illustration: Professional Application 6cp 
88604  VC Illustration: Visual Narrative 6cp 
88308  VC Moving Image Design: Animation 6cp 
87559  VC Moving Image Design: Motion Graphics 6cp 
87659  VC Moving Image Design: Video 6cp 
87007  VC Pre-press and Print Production 6cp 
Total  12cp