University of Technology Sydney

88016 Global Studio B

6cp; Block mode.; availability: faculty approval required


The global studio program provides intensive studio learning through cross-cultural education. The program encourages interdisciplinary learning and offers an expanded studio environment in which students discover and synthesise new technical and conceptual skills from multiple disciplines within the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building.

In this subject, students are required to spend a number of weeks in a predefined international environment where they undertake a project in an academic or cultural setting (including NGOs, institutes, festivals, biennales, museums, etc.). The subject aims to initiate a recalibration of students' prior learning and familiar design techniques by applying design processes in foreign terrain.

Students are required to globalise their design approach and vocabulary working within a cross-cultural studio environment; synthesise key design ideas working within an interdisciplinary design team; and realise a well-executed studio outcome reflective of both the design brief and the foreign academic and/or cultural studio setting.

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