University of Technology Sydney

87849 Creative Technologies

6cp; Studios: 3hpw (Spring session); 12hpw x 2wks, 9hpw x 1wk (December session)
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87731 VC Design Studio: Narrative, Form and Time


This subject explores alternative and future-focused ways of interacting and interfacing with digital environments with a broad range of emerging technologies being covered with an eye to designing for the future.

This subject aims to extend the student's notion of interaction with computers beyond the typical set-up of (touch)screen, keyboard and mouse, to a broader and informed understanding of, and engagement with, computing itself.

As part of this subject, students are introduced to the emerging technologies of virtual and augmented reality and learn to design an immersive experience that explores virtual reality as embodied, physical interaction. They also have the opportunity to learn how to create their own physical interfaces or communicate with the projects they build using a range of off-the-shelf controllers and sensors.

Students are also asked to think critically about contemporary media technologies and consider a range of projects and ideas from existing projects that make use of emerging and speculative technologies.

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