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88832 Global Studio: Fashion and Textiles B

6cp; block mode, with local and global interactive workshops and activities
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Global Studio


The UTS Fashion and Textile course has a well established history of global studios, which provide students with an opportunity to study in a variety of global locations. The subject encourages International networking through providing students with global perspectives and practice, through interactive workshops, and immersing themselves within another design and educational culture, to develop creativity, insttitutional relationships, and personal maturity.

Through established relationships, these short-term mobility projects provide UTS fashion and textile students with not only a global experience, but also a deeper appreciation and understanding of a specific country or region, awareness of social engagement and languages, and an opportunity to collaborate and exhange knowledge with artisans. This subject is ideal for students who have an interest in global fashion and textile contexts, as well as integrating global practices within their designing.

This study tour is an opportunity for UTS fashion and textile design students to study abroad and enhance their awareness of fashion and textiles within a broader cultural context. This travel experience allows students to comprehend global and cultural textile applications and understand their relevance within a contemporary framework.

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