University of Technology Sydney

CBK91826 Electives (Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation PG)

Select 30 credit points of options:  30cp
94708  Changing Minds 3cp 
94725  Creating Innovation Ecosystems 3cp 
94710  Creative Practices and Methods 3cp 
94724  Critical Thinking 3cp 
94711  Fields of Thought 3cp 
94720  Fieldwork: Digging for Paradigms 6cp 
94706  Frame Creation and Co-Evolution 3cp 
94709  Future Value and Impact 3cp 
94722  Future-proof Your Organisation 6cp 
94719  Initiatives and Entrepreneurship 3cp 
94716  Leading Innovation in a Networked World 3cp 
94723  Paths to Change 3cp 
94712  Studio Project 1 3cp 
94713  Studio Project 2 3cp 
94714  Studio Project 3 3cp 
94715  Studio Project 4 3cp 
94718  The Entrepreneurial Mindset 3cp 
94721  The Innovation Lab 6cp 
94707  Theory of Change 3cp 
94717  Transdisciplinary Research and Development 3cp 
Total  30cp