University of Technology Sydney

CBK91826 Electives (Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation PG)

Select 30 credit points of options:  30cp
CBK92240  Electives 24cp 
94708  Changing Minds 3cp 
94728  Creative Experiment 3cp 
94710  Creative Practices and Methods 3cp 
94752  Design Provocations and Transdisciplinary Prototyping 3cp 
94753  Designing Regenerative Futures Studio 3cp 
94755  Entrepreneurial Learning and Experimenting Studio 3cp 
94726  Ethical AI for Good Business 3cp 
94711  Fields of Thought 3cp 
94720  Fieldwork: Digging for Paradigms 6cp 
94706  Frame Creation and Co-Evolution 3cp 
94709  Future Value and Impact 3cp 
94722  Future-proof Your Organisation 6cp 
89030  Interaction Studio: Reconfiguring Practice 12cp 
89031  Interaction Studio: Shifting Imaginaries 12cp 
81536  Leading Design for Social Innovation 6cp 
94756  Living Learning Lab 6cp 
94727  Makers Culture: Rapid, Creative Making 3cp 
81533  Service Design Foundations 6cp 
94712  Studio Project 1 3cp 
94713  Studio Project 2 3cp 
94714  Studio Project 3 3cp 
94715  Studio Project 4 3cp 
94721  The Innovation Lab 6cp 
94707  Theory of Change 3cp 
94729  Transdisciplinary Collaboration A 3cp 
94730  Transdisciplinary Collaboration B 6cp 
94754  Transdisciplinary Interventions and Initiatives: Beyond Impact 3cp 
94750  Transdisciplinary Learning for Change 3cp 
94751  Transformational Learning Studio 3cp 
Total  30cp