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94712 Studio Project 1

Requisite(s): 94700 Creative Intelligence and Strategic Innovation Masterclass
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In a MCISI Studio subject, participants collectively take on a complex real-world challenge provided by a partner organisation. In that context of a shared public challenge, participants apply, trial and experiment with the concrete methods and tools they have gained through undertaking the online Key Enabling Methodology and Elective subjects. Across the four Studios in the program, a variety of specific project challenges are offered by public and private sector organisations. All of these possible challenges are tackled in the context of the changing global environment (for example, global trends, UN Sustainable Development Goals) and as whole-industry transformation challenges. The emphasis of the studios therefore varies depending on the subject matter at hand (between the project level vs strategic level, internal initiatives vs a broader innovation ecosystem, small scale vs global, etc). Furthermore, all studios have two streams: one centres on Creative Intelligence with its focus on a project to create new ways forward in the problem situation; the second on Strategic Innovation with a focus on new processes, structures, networks and ecosystems. Both streams come together in a final synthesis.

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