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94756 Living Learning Lab

Requisite(s): 94750 Transdisciplinary Learning for Change OR 94754 Transdisciplinary Interventions and Initiatives: Beyond Impact
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How and why might a contemporary problem benefit from a transdisciplinary learning and research approach, and for what deeper purpose?

This subject operates as a living lab in its response to emerging problems using a transdisciplinary learning approach. Participants connect with live projects that researchers from across the university, practitioners from different sectors and/or diverse communities are currently addressing at a local level. Working with these interconnected teams, participants are challenged to understand the complex problem and those most impacted, to deal with rapid response timeframes, dynamic conditions and resource constraints, amongst other complexities as they become known. The Living Learning Lab provides a creative, safe space for professional learning, collaboration, novel thinking and experimentation to generate viable proposals for collective action and practice more widely.

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