University of Technology Sydney

88834 Advanced Fashion Technologies

6cp; 2.5hpw x 12wks (computer lab, on campus), 6 x 1hr (lecture, Weeks 1-5 and Week 7, as indicated in Canvas)
Requisite(s): (83233 Visualising Fashion 2 AND 83723 Constructed Textiles AND 83724 Studio: Body Form AND 83341 Fashion Intersections AND 83722 Studio: Body Mapping AND 83000 Textiles: Digital and Screen Print Design AND 83721 Studio: Fashion Illustration Exploration AND (85202 Design Futuring OR 85001 The Bio Kitchen))

Core Subject



This subject introduces students to emerging fashion and textile design digital tools, including garment simulation in two- and three-dimensional augmented reality spaces. These tools help enhance and compliment students’ understanding of material practices through a digital medium. The technologies are contextualised within historical, emerging and speculative industry practices. Connections between technologies and sustainability and social justice in fashion and textiles are made explicit during the subject. The possibilities as well as the limitations of various technologies are discussed in relation to fashion and textile design practices.

Typical availability

February session, City campus

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