University of Technology Sydney

85202 Design Futuring

6cp; 1hpw (lecture), 2hpw (tutorial)
Requisite(s): 85502 Researching Design Histories AND 85503 Thinking Through Design
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses. See access conditions.


This subject explores the growing relationship between the theory and practice of design and futuring. Design futures is the practice of employing designerly knowledge and skills in the envisioning of future storyworlds. This draws from the associated approaches of design fiction, speculative design, critical design and narrative foresight.

Students investigate the underlying political dimensions of designing, and explore possible futures through a range of alternative visions and design movements. In designing future storyworlds, students envision expansive representations that encompass and communicate different ways of living and being. Design futuring is a way for designers to reimagine society beyond present day constraints, and understand the role of design practice as a future making. Through this, students develop an understanding for how things could be made differently, by design.

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Spring session, City campus

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