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83341 Fashion Intersections

6cp; Weekly interactive lecture and studio session
Requisite(s): 83119 Thinking Fashion AND 83231 Fashion Cultures AND 85502 Researching Design Histories AND 85503 Thinking Through Design



As well as a commercial industry producing and selling material commodities, fashion is also a way to understand changes in material culture and collective tastes; it is an intangible system of signification; it is a socio-cultural act at the heart of our identities the scope of which has been hugely amplified by the dynamics of modernity and postmodernity; and it is an aesthetic activity which exceeds any instrumentality. It is a thing that all human cultures have done throughout all of their histories and so it has many faces, most still unstudied. This course is an outline of the myriad ways fashion can be understood and of the major disciplines and theories that have tried to encompass it. While once only considered by costume historians, art historians, and museum curators, fashion is now widely studied and theorised in disciplines as diverse as anthropology, linguistics, cultural studies, economics, and sociology. Further to this, it is often explained in reference to social class, gender, sexuality, culture, and power. Continuing on from the themes of Thinking Fashion, and Fashion Cultures this subject explores these many modalities of fashion.
Students have an opportunity in this subject to conduct individual research through visual and written modes investigating a range of fashion related visual materials and their scholarly interpretations including: the history of fashion imagery, fashion photography, film, advertising, museology, visual art and architecture, and fashion theory and practice texts. And most crucially for philosophical and creative discovery students have the opportunity to critically adapt individual historical and/or theoretical research into their own studio design practice.

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Autumn session, City campus

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