University of Technology Sydney

83723 Constructed Textiles

6cp; 1hpw x 6 (lectures - check program), 2.5hpw x 12wks (studio)
Requisite(s): 83622 Visualising Fashion 1 AND 83233 Visualising Fashion 2 AND 83882 Foundations in Patternmaking and Construction 2

Fashion and Textile Design


This subject introduces students to the fundamentals of machine knitting alongside experimental constructed textiles. The knit studio explores hand, domestic and industrial machine knitting. Students also learn of the capabilities of the Shima Seki through talks and lectures. Tasks have been designed for students to learn basic knit structures/patterns, punch cards, casting on and off, and knit machine parts/accessories. Hand-knitted samples are produced to test different fibre types (cellulosic, protein, synthetic) with a selection of dyes (reactive, acid and natural). Emphasis is on professional presentation and documentation of a technical file that demonstrates an analysis of knit structures and dye results. The Experimental Constructed Textiles task explores material innovation and cultural narrative through a selection of textile techniques/structures (distressing, weaving, crochet, lace, applique, embroidery, tufting, and folding). Materials are sourced using sustainable approaches to recycling, applying theories of circularity. A series of guest lectures present current industry and contemporary knit/textile design. An emphasis throughout this subject is placed on professional, ethical and sustainable practice. On completion, students have gained a technical understanding of knit, dye and sustainable practice and have explored textiles as a metaphor for social and cultural narrative.

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