University of Technology Sydney

83724 Studio: Body Form

6cp; 3.5hpw across 12 weeks of semester (1 hour online lecture and 2.5 hour studio each week).
Requisite(s): 83621 Studio: Foundations in Patternmaking and Construction 1 AND 83882 Foundations in Patternmaking and Construction 2 AND 83119 Thinking Fashion AND 83231 Fashion Cultures

Fashion and Textile Design


This subject builds on the speculative design strategies that students developed in the first year into a practical and material realisation of several garment designs through drape. Students explore aspects of the micro-interactions that unfold between our bodies and our clothing in wearing. These interactions are not something that we typically notice unless there is something that might be causing discomfort such as a waistband pinching a part of the body or a sleeve falling off a shoulder. However, our garments are always interacting with our bodies in movement, a constant flow of ongoing exchanges throughout our everyday lives.

These exchanges can be considered emergent dynamics - meaning that they are a series of exchanges revealed only in the process of the garment and the body coming together in movement. Understanding fashion through this particular lens, we can draw attention to these dynamics and actively construct relationships between the body and the materiality of our clothing. This lens also provides a shift away from the pervasive approaches to fashion that foreground the visual and provides a touchstone for original and creative outcomes.

Employing sustainable only approaches to materials, upcycling practices and resourcing with recycled materials, students apply this lens to fashion as a starting point for the creation of a body of work incorporating a series of garments across two looks and a 'design research proposal.'

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