University of Technology Sydney

SMJ10086 Business Analytics in Marketing

This sub-major is the intersection of business and data science in the context of marketing. The sub-major is designed to provide a balance between business understanding, quantitative marketing methods and information technology.

Students are introduced to the analytics industry via subjects with a practical approach examining issues in gathering, processing and analysis of data to be used in improving decision-making and supporting the development of marketing strategies. Competencies for the study of big data are done through procedures for analytics and interpretation using statistical and computing software which accounts for an increasingly global and networked environment. Students are shown how technology is integrated into business, government and not-for-profit systems to improve business and marketing competitiveness in a digital world.

Completion requirements

24309  Marketing Research  6cp
24331  Marketing Analytics and Decisions  6cp
31266  Introduction to Information Systems  6cp
41082  Introduction to Data Engineering  6cp
Total  24cp