University of Technology Sydney

CBK91804 Electives (Business Analytics)

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
22789  Accounting Analytics 6cp 
32513  Advanced Data Analytics Algorithms 6cp 
25752  Bank Lending and Analytics 6cp 
24753  Customer Analytics 6cp 
32548  Cybersecurity 6cp 
36100  Data Science for Innovation 8cp 
32146  Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics 6cp 
36109  Data and Decision Making 8cp 
24729  Digital Marketing and Emerging Technologies 6cp 
26705  Econometrics for Health Policy 3cp 
42017  Fundamentals of Interaction Design 6cp 
32555  Fundamentals of Software Development 6cp 
32524  LANS and Routing 6cp 
36101  Leading Data Science Initiatives 8cp 
36106  Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications 8cp 
26720  Quantitative Analysis of Health Policy 3cp 
42913  Social and Information Network Analysis 6cp 
36103  Statistical Thinking for Data Science 8cp 
21946  Supply Chain Management Analytics 6cp 
Total  24cp