University of Technology Sydney

CBK90641 Electives (Pharmacy)

Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
22747  Accounting for Managerial Decisions 6cp 
96132  Advanced Clinical Pharmacy 1 6cp 
96133  Advanced Clinical Pharmacy 2 6cp 
92934  Clinical Management in Diabetes 6cp 
21854  Creative Problem Solving 6cp 
23706  Economics for Management 6cp 
25742  Financial Management 6cp 
96057  GMP for Manufacturing Operations 6cp 
96059  International GMPs and Quality Assurance 6cp 
26703  Introductory Health Economics 6cp 
21928  Managing Staff and Volunteers 6cp 
21937  Managing, Leading and Stewardship 6cp 
24734  Marketing Management 6cp 
21741  Operations and Quality Management 6cp 
96020  Pharmacy Research Project A 6cp 
96021  Pharmacy Research Project B 6cp 
92845  Primary Health Care in Diabetes 6cp 
60117  Understanding Data and Statistical Design 6cp 
Total  12cp