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96020 Pharmacy Research Project A


at least 10–12hpw (may include compulsory attendance at meetings with supervisor(s), on-campus research activities, attendance at all assessment tasks and presentations by other students); availability: Master of Pharmacy students only
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In this subject students undertake a short research investigation under the supervision of a member of academic staff. Students contribute, in collaboration with their UTS supervisor and where appropriate an industry or external co-supervisor, to formulate the scope of the research project, including planning the research work. Students are responsible for writing the proposal, carrying out the work, including appropriate and critical analysis of the data or information obtained, and writing up the findings as a draft manuscript which may be eligible for publication. The draft manuscript typically includes an introduction to the project, a description of the methods used, a description of the results obtained plus any analysis undertaken and a discussion of the results in the context of the relevant literature.

Due to supervisory and infrastructure constraints, places in this subject are limited and it can only be undertaken with school approval. Students should approach potential supervisors about project availability in the first instance and then complete and submit a Research Project Application form for consideration. A project proposal and the final draft manuscript is assessed by school members external to the project. Where the project involves laboratory or fieldwork, a completed risk assessment form must also be provided with the approval request. Ethics approval is required for certain projects.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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Access conditions

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