University of Technology Sydney

MAJ08997 Business Data Analytics

The world is saturated in data – collected about everything and anything. Business data analytics has evolved as a field in response to the opportunities offered from understanding, analysing and using data for decision making. Regardless of the field of study, the ability to obtain, organise, analyse and visualise data is becoming increasingly important. The subjects in the Business Data Analytics major builds on the core to develop the skills and knowledge needed by graduates working in business to engage in business data analytics to support ethical and sustainable decision making.

Completion requirements

22576  Fundamentals of Business Data Analytics  6cp
22577  Introduction to Programming for Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence  6cp
22578  Data Storage for Decision Making  6cp
22579  Data Visualisation for Business Communication  6cp
22580  Data Ethics and Governance  6cp
22581  Business Data Analytics Studio (Capstone)  6cp
Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
26600  Business Internship 6cp 
23509  Empirical Methods for Policy Evaluation 6cp 
25624  Financial Metrics for Decision Making 6cp 
23571  Introductory Econometrics 6cp 
25503  Investment Analysis 6cp 
21644  Law and Ethics for Managers 6cp 
24331  Marketing Analytics and Decisions 6cp 
24309  Marketing Research 6cp 
22567  Planning and Control for Small Business Enterprises 6cp 
23507  Time Series Econometrics 6cp 
Total  48cp