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22567 Planning and Control for Small Business Enterprises

Requisite(s): 22107 Accounting for Business Decisions A OR 22108 Accounting and Accountability
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This subject provides students with the skills required to successfully operate a small business enterprise. Students are required to analyse financial data of small business enterprises and develop integrated business plans. The subject highlights the practical matters associated with small business enterprise start-up, operations accounting and management. It also provides an opportunity for students to gain a thorough understanding of planning and controlling small business operations.

The subject provides students with a better understanding of basic accounting procedures and strengthens their knowledge of cost accounting techniques. It builds on the skills in the use of computer technology and software, particularly spreadsheet applications, to increase student's proficiency in this area.

Topics covered include the use of spreadsheets, performance evaluation, budgeting, cash-flow analysis, sensitivity analysis, financing, planning for innovation, sustainability and environment management, and challenges and issues faced by contemporary Australian small business operators.

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