University of Technology Sydney

MAJ01112 Marine Biology

91107  The Biosphere  6cp
65111  Chemistry 1  6cp
91123  Biocomplexity  6cp
65212  Chemistry 2  6cp
91110  Experimental Design and Sampling  6cp
91154  Ecology  6cp
91157  Marine Communities  6cp
91270  Plant Physiology and Ecophysiology  6cp
91161  Cell Biology and Genetics  6cp
33116  Statistical Design and Analysis  6cp
91118  Fisheries Resources  6cp
Select one of the following:  6cp
      91120  GIS and Remote Sensing 6cp 
91156  Marine Productivity and Climate Change  6cp
91121  Aquatic Ecology  6cp
91145  Environmental Protection and Management  6cp
91126  Coral Reef Ecosystems  6cp
Total  96cp